When God calls you to rest

“Come aside yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” Mk 6:31

Now and then God is pushing you to have a rest. The job you are doing comes to an end. And you will find yourself at a deserted place. Just now, far away from all noise and busyness, you will realise how tough and draining — not merely physical but also spiritual – the task (Mk 6:7-13) actually was.

Deserted places are not necessarily beautiful. It can be very rough, silent and lonely there. Yet, it is exactly where God wants you as a disciple of Christ to be in this very moment. Be aware not to use human measurements when it’s about to fulfil the work God had called you to do: The Lord God Almighty was sending you out at His right timing and likewise He brings it to an end at His appointed time. Therefore, be careful not to think that you have failed because the task you once started looks unfinished. Rather, keep in mind that God has a far better understanding of these things than you have. What may look unfinished through your eyes can differ greatly from the heavenly perspective on it.

To be point-blank, the resting time can be very challenging. But it has a great purpose. It is a time of reflection (and reorientation), as it was for the twelve disciples (Mk 6:30). A moment to take a breath from an exhausting journey with all its side effects and occupation. An opportunity to take a deliberate time to eat (Mk 6:31). Likewise, the twelve we also are easily in jeopardy that in all busyness we do not have time to take in food. To eat means in this context not merely an act of satisfying the hunger in a physical sense, but also spiritual (Mt 4:4). That is, to focus on the one thing that really counts in the life of a disciple of Christ: Your very own relationship to God, your heavenly Father.

When God calls you to rest, don’t hesitate. Come aside yourself to a deserted place and rest for a while — in God!